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API Recommended Practice Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators. SECOND EDITION | DECEMBER | 53 PAGES | $ Public Awareness Programs for. Pipeline Operators. Pipeline Segment. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FIRST EDITION, DECEMBER American. API RP What it is and is not. ▷ It provides: ▷ Guidance for pipeline operators to develop and manage their pipeline public awareness programs.

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API RP provides guidance in developing or maintaining a safety management system.

API RP is an industry consensus document that provides api rp 1162 risk-based approach to managing a leak detection api rp 1162, including developing a leak detection culture and strategy, selecting the r; leak detection system, and monitoring leak detection program performance. API RP provides support to pipeline operators in appropriately assessing and managing cracking defects.

Department of Transportation DOT requires pipeline operators to conduct public awareness programs and measure their effectiveness every four years.

The list below highlights the elements of the system detailed in the RP, all of which are essential for a successful program: Why and How Offshore Seismic Surveys: The purpose of the guidelines, known as Recommended Practice or Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators, is to reduce pipeline accidents, which are api rp 1162 attributable to digging by homeowners, contractors, and farmers. API RPPublic Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators, establishes guidelines for operators on development, implementation, and evaluation of public awareness programs in an effort to raise the effectiveness of public awareness api rp 1162 throughout the industry.

Api rp 1162 practices can be purchased or read online. Sections are also provided to detail the actions needed based on in-line inspection results received 11662 to determine proper hydrostatic pressure test parameters.

API RP 1162

This RP also identifies Control Center procedures, training, and the roles and responsibilities of Control Center personnel, as well as identifying proper testing of equipment and dp. The American Petroleum Institute has issued api rp 1162 to U.

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API RP Compliance

The list below highlights the elements of the system detailed in the RP, all of which are essential for a successful program:.

Focus is given to api rp 1162 the most applicable assessment method considering the pipeline condition and the cracking features.

One way to measure their effectiveness every four years is through a joint survey.