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24 Jun Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell. When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! But the. 20 May Once again, the wolf gets the worst of it: the boy he brings home for dinner tempts him with a recipe for “Boy Soup,” but first the wolf must. 12 May Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell. Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell. Courtney Kraft joins us for a reading of Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell.

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Beware of boys tony blundell illustrations inside the book are also bulndell and very good to help children gain a better understanding of what is happening in the story.

Each of the recipes are based around a tasty dish which the wolf could use to cook the boy in including boy pie, boy c This book tells the tale of a young boy who goes for a walk in the woods.

Due the length of the book it can also be used beware of boys tony blundell curricular in ICT, as learning about story writing, where you can use this in applications such as story bird where children can create their own short story similar to the book and add in their own illustrations.

‘Boy Pie’ recipe – ‘Beware of Boys’, Tony Blundell

Brilliant read, well illustrated. Paperback32 pages. The book can also be split in three parts, before each ingredients where the children can predict what would happen next. For KS1 pupils, this book can be used for class reading and children could be asked to reenact the story in beware of boys tony blundell way that will facilitate their understanding of the book.

A boy finds an unusual way to escape being eaten by a wolf in this colorfully illustrated book for beginner readers.

He captures the boy but the boy has a very clever plan nlundell suggests some special and delicious recipes — like Boy Soup, Boy Cake, and Boy Pie. Beware of boys tony blundell lives near Exeter. The wolf has prepared his taste buds several times as he wants to eat the boy, but on three separate occasions, the boy sends beware of boys tony blundell wolf on a wild goose chase for ingredients that will make himself desirable and otny for the wolf.

This book could also be used by older pupils within a creative writing framework. Soon the greedy wolf finds himself exhaustive and flat on the floor with the unnecessary ingredients on top of him which helps the boy escape home to his mother.

Upon returning to his cave and the boy, the boy tells the wolf that he has forgotten the salt, an ingredient that was never mentioned. This activity can be done in groups or to make assessing the level the child is at, it may be easier to do it individually.

‘Boy Pie’ recipe – ‘Beware of Boys’, Tony Blundell | TES Community

When he returns, the boy prompts the wolf wolf on a missing ingredient, leading to the repetitive cycle beware of boys tony blundell the wolf being continually being outsmarted by the boy, who eventually plays out an ingenius plan of escaping the clutches of the wolf unharmed and returning home to his mum, along with the vast number of ingredients collected by the wolf throughout the course of their time together!

Beware of boys tony blundell story could also be an effective guided reading book for lower KS2 pupils, as it can be used to ask comprehensive questions, such as ‘Why does the boy forget to mention the salt on each occasion? Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell is a very enjoyable book that allows children to explore their imagination as to what could potentially happen in the story.

Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell. Take a look at my VS earnings. Beware of boys is a fantastic book about a boy who gets kidnapped by beware of boys tony blundell wolf in the woods.

This book is not the greatest fairytale I’ve ever read nor is it the worst. A boy finds an unusual way to escape being eaten by a wolf in this colorfully illustrated book for beginner readers.

He goes home to his mum and explains his adventure whilst sitting down for some dinner. It all comes to comic and clever conclusion showing once again that brains hlundell outdo brawn in all the oldest traditions.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The trickster boy beware of boys tony blundell likely to appeal to many boys humour in the class and engage them possibly into further reading for fun at home. Please provide an email address. I enjoyed reading the book and was kept engaged throughout. In addition to being used for guided reading, Beware beware of boys tony blundell Boys can be read on the carpet.

Beware of Boys is about a stupid wolf capturing a clever and clever young boy and wanting to eat him for dinner. Explore more ideas with a Pinterest account.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants Claire Freedman. The boy includes items for himself each time he sends the wolf out. The main reason why I say its not the greatest piece of childhood literature I’ve ever seen is because the language at times can be quite colloquial. My favourite part of the book is right at the end, where it states, “Moral of the Story – Do not forget the Salt. It would be a beware of boys tony blundell book to read for reception and KS1 to the whole class.

If used beware of boys tony blundell guided reading, there are a beware of boys tony blundell range of activities which beware of boys tony blundell be thought of allowing a teacher to be creative in her teaching methods. The wolf sets out to get all the things he will need to make boy cake. To ask other readers questions about Beware of Boysplease sign up.

A great example of twisting a classic tale, the very beware of boys tony blundell Big Bad Wolf in this particular tale is beautifully deceived by a very smart little boy. The bewrae takes him back to his cave to eat beware of boys tony blundell. Soon the greedy wolf is running round trying to find all the ingredients — with hilarious results!

Equally, there are opportunities to explore the writing of instructions or directions given some of the interesting recipe suggestions in the story, “Place the boy in a warm room and allow to watch television.

This book is a delightful tale of a young boy, who manages to trick the greedy wolf, and as a result stops the wolf eating him.

Blundell hooks readers into his modern fairy tale jumping straight in at the point of capture. I also really like the use of illustration as it would be beneficial for EAL students.