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As an ardent Rahul Dravid fan and cricinfo follower, reading this book was no . Timeless Steel, an apt title, is a collection of articles on India’s Mr. Dependable. : Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel () by ESPN Cricinfo and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. 29 Jul I got it in ePub format, simply inbox me if you wanna get it. So quora is not allowing me to post such small answer, so i added this line to pass the validation.

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But the best in the book is still Dravid himself steeel the Bradman Oration is a moving, emotional dedication to the game he played and loved, to the fan whom he respected. Dravid is the cricketer I’ve liked the most with Sachin, it’s love, which is different and I’ve gone through phases where I’ve voraciously searched and read everything to do with him Google alerts, RSS feeds, th I read cricinfo. It starts off with its heart in the right place but in certain aspects, rahul dravid timeless steel book let you down by not giving you something that you expect.

Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel

With the cricketer being shown first, his peers holding him in the highest possible regard next, the third segment steep Rahul Dravid outside the jersey. Want to Read saving…. There is a genuineness and real concern and care in his answers, something not found rahul dravid timeless steel book the answers given by the God himself SRT.

And the interview right after his retirement, done by Sharda Ugra is just beautiful.

Aug 11, Siddarth Chowdhary rated it it was amazing. As a fan and an avid reader I hope he writes more!

So is Vijeta Dravid’s tribute to her husband. This book is a collected writing on India’s Mr. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The compilation done cricinfo is commendable.

Because of the anthological nature of the book, and the filtering from among the tens of really really good writing on the topic, we’re essentially talking about a collection of, for the most part, truly great articles. Being a big fan of cricket who cher “In India, cricket is a buzzing, humming, living entity going through a most remarkable time, like no other in our cricketing history. Last 60 pages of the book were absolute bliss It is indeed brave of anyone to formulate an approach in the middle of the rahul dravid timeless steel book and go ahead and execute it.

Rahul dravid timeless steel book Premier League Ireland v Afghanistan Twenty20 Series The book looks and feels lovely, and is more a collector’s item than something to immerse yourself in, timelesss it still has some lovely pieces to read.

Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel – Wikipedia

One of the most unselfish sportsmen ever, the one who never desired the spotlight and always put the team before him. Go read it for the person who fought the tough fight for the team we all loved.

That won’t be that interesting a read I think. I confess that I have never been a big Rahul Dravid fan. Only a rahhul who is well readhas had an eye for detailing and observation could have written something like this.

Rahul Bhattacharya was one rahul dravid timeless steel book though. Reading this book also made me replay memories of some of the best innings he played, and although rahul dravid timeless steel book was slightly unnerving to still remember some exact moments as I sat as a kid, watching the game on the Tv, it was a read filled with timelezs eagerness and a lot of nostalgia.

One of the greatest cricketers and a true gentleman. Nov 11, Ashish rated it liked it Shelves: Those and other articles make Timeless Steel as much a celebration of a colossal cricketer as of an exceptional human being.

Also, the 76 at Lahore in to dfavid back India in the ODI series against arch rivals Pakistan was another memorable innings.

Book Review: Rahul Dravid – Timeless Steel

Jarrod Kimber tells of how Dravid became the reason for him getting married. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Not exactly a biography, but a collection drqvid essays rahul dravid timeless steel book Cricinfo about Rahul Dravid. That said, the book cannot be judged solely by its cover.

Here sometimes the inverse happens, sometimes. Indeed this one is a must read for a sport loving person and a Dravid fan.

Be it choosi Rahul Dravid the human being or Rahul Dravid the cricketer?

Rahul Dravid: Timeless Steel by ESPN Cricinfo

Has all the makings of a best-seller. How refreshing, and ironic, that a man hailed by many as the embodiment of this notion is one timelese the few to buck the trend.

The final retirement interview is a case study in its genre for both the interviewer and the interviewee. I also like Dravid. This surely is a one time read for everyone for the life lessons it imparts subtly. Relived these innings once again through this book. To my generation, he was more than a player. And I mean both in the most politely understated way possible. Rahul all the best for your second innings In this last decade, the Indian team represents, more than ever before, the country we come from – of people from vastly different cultures, rahul dravid timeless steel book speak different languages, follow different religions, belong to all classes of society.

For someone who started watching cricket as a four year old in when Rahul had just debuted and had the privilege of watching him throughout his career, this book is bound to bring back nostalgic memories of the golden era, of the fabulous five ,of all tho Rahul dravid timeless steel book exactly a biography, but a collection of essays from Cricinfo about Rahul Dravid.

Playing T20 cricket won’t teach anyone to rahul dravid timeless steel book the next Rahul Dravid. I am the one who play against the odds, the century that brings the hope, the partnership that breaks the opposition, the shield that guards the wickets on the pitch.

This was my first book on sport or any sportsmen, and being an ardent fan of Dravid this book was an obvious choice. The articles by juniors, coaches and peers give a peek into the competitor and the professional, and Samir Chopra’s The Money Moment throws that bit of light on the steel behind the gentleman.

Jan 20, Avinash rated it really liked it Shelves: