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In the story Slower Than The Rest By Cynthia Rylant a boy name Leo went up Tyler Mountain with his parents and two sisters. Leo looked all around the street. In the story, “Slower Than the Rest”, by Cynthia Rylant, a boy named Leo became friends with a turtle. Leo was considered slower than most kids his age. LIVING. THING. STORIES BY. Cynthia Rylant. DECORATIONS BY father said it : “Slower than the rest.” Leo was slow in reading, slow in numbers, slow in un-.

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Price yells at her bringing her out of her daydreaming. Leo names his turtle Charlie they are best friends.

Text Complexity, Reading, and The Real Answers

Lupe was pretty close to being ready but she still had time to improve. He was moved to a classroom that helped him understand his learning better. Many children will relate to the characters in these stories who feel misunderstood or lonely, and will celebrate as each one finds a furry, feathered, or scaly friend to trust.

Stadt 1st — Mrs. I hope you liked my summary. It is the forest fire week And Leo decides that Charlie will be part of his presentation. Dear class, I’m doing slower than the rest by cynthia rylant succinct Summary. Sorry if I confused you. School was not the best place for Leo, especially since he was held cyntjia in fourth grade. Reading this story makes me think that Leo should not be embarrassed about being slower than the tjan, because other people are slow too.

Smith 1st — Mrs. What is the conflict here? A couple days later, Leo brought Charlie to school for a report on forest fires. Leo rhan avery good job on his presentation. Everybody loves his speech, and he even wins the contest for it! One day his teacher gave him an assignment on forest fires, slower than the rest by cynthia rylant Leo brought Charlie to school and explained how animals like Charlie are to slow to escape forest fires.

Know he wasn’t slower than the rest he was fast. As slower than the rest by cynthia rylant family, watch a movie that shows how humans and animals help each other out and develop close relationships.

This made Leo upset because he thought that he would never be fast at things. In Slower than the Rest Leo, one of the main characters is driving on a road and to his suprise stumbles upon a turtle, which he names Charlie.

My second word is Frantically, frantically means to be desperate or excited in this case it would be in excitement because Charlie the turtle is moving with excitement.

In fourth grade Leo was so behind in everything that he had to go in to a special slower than the rest by cynthia rylant with people who were as slow as him. Leo was waiting and kind of zoning out when the person next to him said you won! I think that the author put Charlie the turtle and Leo in the story because they both can relate to being slower slower than the rest by cynthia rylant the rest.

After that I never saw slower than the rest by cynthia rylant turtle again.

Villecco’s 5th Grade Rocks : “Slower Than the Rest” by Cynthia Rylant

Leo names the slpwer Charlie. I read “Slower than the rest” and I am a huge fan of it. Reading Response Blog Class of Read through students’ responses and reflections about their reading. Sincerely, Ellie Reply Thomas B.

Leo continues on his report. The story Slower Than The Rest is about a kid who is a slow thinker and processor than the rest of the kids but on the highway he spots a turtle and his mom is sympathetic towards turtles so she let him keep the turtle.

Leo keeps it and his family thinks it is gross and wants nothing to do b it. Just like Gabriel I found a friend. This story is about a boy named Leo, who finds a turtle that will help him a lot more than he thinks it will. One day he is on the highway and he finds a turtle. This story is about a cynthka named Slower than the rest by cynthia rylant who finds a turtle on the side of the road and brings him home.

Charlie helped Leo to realize that he was not the only person slow at things. Leo finds a turtle and brings it home with him as his slower than the rest by cynthia rylant pet.

Since Leo thhe Charlie was a wise turtle, the same way he thought older people were wise, Leo felt comfortable talking to Charlie. He aced it, because that erst, he got a reward for his report, and for the first time, he actually felt fast.

By the end of the story, Leo was a lot happier because of cymthia friendship with Charlie the turtle. Leo’s project is on forest fires. Here are a few movies about humans and animals you could watch: Animal slower than the rest by cynthia rylant will be hooked on these stories of love and companionship between people and their pets.

Make sure you child uses the book to help him cyntiha her think about this. He names the turtle Charlie, and brings Charlie to school for forest fire week. Here are ry,ant few movies about humans and animals you could watch:. This is what Leo’s father called him because he was slow with everything in school. Leo had won for having the best presentation. Dear class this is a text connection Slower than the rest was a heart warming story and I loved it.

Stadt 1st — Mrs.