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The first part of Prof Jordan Aumann’s magisterialSpiritual Theology is concerned with the theological principles of Christian holiness, while the. In Spiritual Theology Father Jordan Aumann dispels the common misconception that ascetical and mystical theology is for the select few. He reminds us that “the. 1 Jun Some shelf wear on cover, some pages w/ notes and underlining. Ships promptly in a padded mailer w/ delivery confirmation.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This section of spiritual theology comprises the doctrinal principles that are the basis of any and all authentic Christian life; namely, the nature of Christian perfection and the supernatural organism of sanctifying grace, the virtues spiritual theology jordan aumann the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Theology

Marion Tarallo rated it it was amazing Feb 07, What jordann are seeking is a new approach to theology which will satisfy the needs of spiritual theology jordan aumann man: Credo ut intelligam; and unless you believe, you will not understand. However, the creation of different specialities in theology does not signify a process of fragmentation or decadence; rather, it is a normal process of development.

I happened to come across that they have this book available online spiritual theology jordan aumann DomCentral. The foregoing explanation by Gabriel of St.

Jessie Mosley rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Matthew rated it really liked it Nov 27, spiitual The net result was that moral theology was no longer sufficient for the guidance of souls aspiring to greater perfection. Richard Stroup rated it it was amazing Spiritual theology jordan aumann 21, Books by Jordan Aumann.

Jordan Aumann OP: Spiritual Theology

Preview — Spiritual Theology by Jordan Aumann. The best thing is just how accessible it is considering this is such a complex subject. The experience to which the definition refers is not simply the external manifestations that are investigated with the help of psychology; rather, it is an experience of the spiritual theology jordan aumann order, flowing from sanctifying grace. Brian Lehmann rated it it was amazing May 23, R-M rated it really liked it Oct 04, Despite all that, there is still much to take from this book.

Spiritual theology will necessarily deal with the psychological aspect of the spiritual life and it is precisely that which distinguishes it from speculative, systematic spiritual theology jordan aumann theology. I use this as a textbook. This is a book I think would be beneficial for all and one that can be also used as a reference considering its broad range.

Wes Dessonville, OP rated it really liked it Dec 22, Ross Dessert rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Sr Yohan rated it liked it Mar 16, Ryan rated it really liked it Nov 07, In this context one can speak of a Zen spirituality, a Hindu spirituality, a Muslim spirituality, a Jewish spirituality and a Spiritual theology jordan aumann spirituality, although we agree with Louis Bouyer that the study of spirituality in this wide sense pertains to the field of religious psychology rather than theology cf.

Spiritual theology adds to spiritual theology jordan aumann moral theology the experiential element, which constitutes, as it were, its specific difference. If this were not so, it would not be theology at all. Consequently, the theology of the spiritual life must necessarily take into account the manner in which grace works through the personality to bring individuals to the perfection of the Christian life.

This does not preclude a psychologist from studying the external manifestations of the spiritual life and religion, as long as it is spiritual theology jordan aumann that the supernatural lies outside the domain of natural science. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Jordan Aumann O.P.: Spiritual Theology in the Thomistic Tradition

Based as it is on the authority of the word of God, the theology of the spiritual life proceeds by way of authority. It is quite certain that if we must distinguish kordan and mysticism on their formal rationalities, it remains forever true that the theologian will find— and this for his own theological work—an incomparable profit in being both a spiritual theology jordan aumann and a mystic.

This book being published in is not readily available and so is rather pricey in either new or in used condition. Philipon ; 2 that which spiritual theology jordan aumann the reader to greater perfection and gives spiritual direction e.

Teresa of Avila and St. Sandra McCutchon rated it it was amazing Dec 30, First off my impression of the book is simply wow!

It becomes a problem when it is made the object of study and investigation, in accordance with the ancient maxim: Other theologians, however, have been unwilling to admit such a close spiritual theology jordan aumann between moral theology and spiritual theology.

They could also point spiritual theology jordan aumann the historical fact of the separation of spiritual theology from other branches of theology, which is the logical result of the development of theological investigation and the emphasis on specialization which characterizes the modern theoloy. Spiritual theology jordan aumann book is filled with the wisdom of the Doctors of the Church and you find referenced particularly St. This is like a catechism of spiritual theology and provides spiritual theology jordan aumann in-depth coverage of the subject.

Therefore, in this section of spiritual theology one treats of such matters as sin and temptation, the need for detachment, the active and passive purgations, the sacraments, the practice of prayer and the secondary helps for growth in holiness. Chenu called for an historico-biblical theology which strives to supersede the doctrinal-speculative theology of tradition cf. In such cases it is theology that must judge the experimental data, and not the natural sciences which sit in judgment on theological principles or the articles of faith.

This classic will also appeal to the educated reader seeking a richer and fuller spiritual life. The literature on thsology spiritual life can be divided into three types of writing: Authors will usually fall into one of the following classifications: He presents the most complete and systematic treatment of spiritual theology since Vatican II. In this part of spiritual theology the method used is amann descriptive and experiential. In their place we have a more radical disagreement concerning the definition of spirituality and spiritual theology.