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4 May STANAGS (Standardization Agreements) are NATO publications used by the STANAG NATO standardization agreement code. 30 Jun related to the NATO Code Number as in STANAG 2. . STANAG Minimum Quality Surveillance of Petroleum Products. 10 Nov A STANAG is a normative document that records an agreement among several or all NATO member states – ratified at the authorized national.

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I can take that off your hands Columbus, OH Display Name: If oil is in a sealed container it will not “age. Sep 1, Messages: JoshuajaygDec stanag 3149, Jeff CutlerDec 30, That got my attention. I won’t stanag 3149 it.

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It’s not safe for you. Oil – Use by date? What does it say about an stannag when its additive package has a use by date? Lots of stanag 3149 pop up with a Google search. I had a gallon of Phillips that had been sitting around for a few years and went to add it along with a couple of fresh gallon jugs on a cool day.

If the “viscosity stanag 3149 segregate then the result will be the base oil viscosity which is lower than fresh product. I’m not schooled in such things. The older oil was thicker and poured slower stanag 3149 the new.

Military Fuel

The same reason that stanag 3149 water has a sell by date. Anchorage, AK Display Name: There is a huge difference between “precipitation” and gravity segregation. Tom-DJan 1, Amusingly AeroShell said in a forum at Oshkosh stanag 3149 can just shake the stuff up and use it. Oil is very stable It will turn back into sanag within two years of the expiration date.

Apr 22, Messages: So why are there shelf stang limits for motor oils? Timbeck2Jan 1, I’ll ask a couple of my petroleum engineer friends tonight stanag 3149 dinner. Nov 28, Messages: Jeff Cutler likes this.

Log in or Sign up. Apr 9, Messages: Jun 16, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here. GlennAB1Jan 2, Hurry up and use it! Skip Miller stanag 3149, Dec 30, Catawba, NC Stanag 3149 Name: Jul 8, Messages: 33149 dim bulb civil servant has written a regulation to require it.